50-1036 DCS WiFi Digital Command System

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DCS is a system for controlling your entire layout— multiple sound-equipped engines, switches, and accessories— from one or more wireless handheld controllers.

DCS is compatible with all M.T.H.® Proto-Sound® 2.0- or 3.0- equipped locomotives.In O gauge, it is also compatible with locomotives equipped with Lionel® TMCC® and Legacy™, as well as conventional AC-powered engines.

The DCS WiFi Remote Control System allows you to leave track voltage constant and control multiple Proto-Sound 2.0-equipped and later engines individually using any Android or iOS smart phone or tablet.

The package includes a TIU Track Interface Unit and a WIU WiFi Interface Unit that connect together to allow your smart device to control locomotives, accessories, tracks and switches using the M.T.H. DCS App.

In-app purchases allow the user to update the app and further expand DCS functionality for control over TMCC and Legacy equipped locmotives, conventional AC powered locomotives, record/playback, lashup creation and control, accessory and switch control and much, much more.

This set also comes equipped with a TIU or track interface unit. This unit has an assortment of input features allowing the operator to link up to two AC or DC transformers, add additional AC transformers, program new software features, serial interface (RS-232), AUX power, Proto-Cast audio, AIU input, and Proto-Dispatch. The TIU also comes equipped with 4 output channels, one set for constant-voltage DCS command power, and one for conventional DCS command power.

Simply the best way to run their model railroad.

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