6-84962 Niagara Vision Line

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Lionel Vision Line Video


  • Rail Line: New York Central
  • Road Number: 6023
  • Gauge: O Gauge
  • Scale Type: Scale
  • Power: Electric
  • Engine Type: Steam
  • Min Curve: O54
  • Dimensions: 28″
  • Most Recent Catalog: 2018 C1 Big Book


-A new safety valve steam effect
which will pop off automatically.
-A force coupler feature which will
increase the labor effects on the
locomotive based on drawbar pull.
-A new simulated water-scoop spray
effect to capture the drama of one of
the Niagara’s 80mph track pan fill-ups!
-Incredible sounds from three speakers
located in the tender and smokebox.
-Whistle steam
-Redesigned gearboxes for reliable
-LEGACY – equipped locomotive that
can also be run with the Universal
Remote or LionChief™ App thanks to its

Bluetooth control option!

Additional Extraordinary FEATURES:


-LEGACY® Control System — equipped-able
to run in LEGACY® Control mode, in
TrainMaster Command Control mode or in
Conventional mode with a standard
-Bluetooth™ control with LionChief Plus
features using the Universal Remote or
LionChief App
-Six official railroad speeds with road
number-specific CrewTalk
-DynaChuff synchronized with 32 levels of
intensity as the locomotive gains speed
-LEGACY® “Real-Time Quilling Whistle and
Horn” with instant response for realistic
signature “quilling” and correctly timed
warning signals
-Single hit or continuous bell sounds
-Sequence Control: plays the sound effects of
an entire trip, including warning sounds and
announcements, based on the movement and
speed of the locomotive
-Current speed and fuel dialog, coal loading
sound effects
-Synchronized fan-driven stack smoke
-IR Transmitter works with LCS SensorTrack™
-Powerful maintenance-free motor with
momentum flywheel
-Wireless Tether connection between
locomotive and tender

-ElectroCoupler™ on rear of tender

-Directional lighting including operating
headlight and back up light on rear of tender
-Traction tires
-Interior illumination in cab
-Firebox flicker
-Separately applied builders plates
-Die-cast metal locomotive body, pilot and
trucks with high level of separately applied details
-Real coal load and cab “glass” windows
-Adjustable smoke output
-Detailed can interior with engineer
and fireman figures

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 8 in