6-37147 Cab1-L Base-1L Complete Set

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Command Control

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Everything you need to start operating in the Lionel Command Control environment – and an economical way to add operators when running trains with friends!

Whether you want to access the basic features of the LEGACY Control System or operate you older TrainMaster Command Control (TMCC) equipment, the CAB-1L remote controller allows you to walk around your layout while controlling your layout. The Base-1L receives signals from the remote and sends your commands across the layout.
If you already have a #992 LEGACY Base (6-14295), you can simply add one or more CAB-1L remotes to your existing LEGACY layout.

If you are looking to get started with the LEGACY Control System, these components are an affordable way to start unlocking many of Lionel’s celebrated features.

Only one Base-1L is required per layout, even if you use multiple remotes.


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